Free-Range Pork (Half-a-Pig)


Appreciate our delicious free-range pork anytime, by keeping a stock in your freezer!

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1 x Free-Range Pork Shoulder (on the bone)

1 x Free-Range Pork Leg (on the bone)

1 x Free-Range Pork Fillet

Free-Range Pork Chops

Free-Range Pork Belly (strips)

Handcured Bacon (Artificial Additive & Nitrate Free)

Handmade Sausage (Artificial Additive & Nitrate Free)

Gammon Steaks


1 x Hock

2 x Pig Trotters

This product comes Vacuum Packed and ready for freezing.

Leg and shoulder joints are cut down into joints suitable for four persons.